It would be nearly impossible to thank everyone who has been so kind to me on this coast to coast bicycle ride, but here is just a sampling:

Dwayne & Joyce Reynolds run the campground in Chunky, Mississippi with that wonderful big front porch with rocking chairs in front of the office and the train running by. Dwayne told me so much interesting history about his ancestors in the south and the wonderful little community of Chunky.

Andy Armstrong and his wife Dottie (both retired school teachers) put me up in their guest house in Mississippi and Andy told me all about his own bicycle ride across the country 20 years earlier. Andy built Dottie an incredible art studio where she helps 8 adults and 8 children per day to tap into their creative talent as they paint beside their magical gardens.

Tommy Blocker has run the gorgeous lakeside campground in Arkansas for 11 years and was so kind to let me hang my hammock under his pavilion during a storm. He has done an incredible job taking care of his lake and so many folks have enjoyed themselves there. I wish Tommy the best in his retirement.

Anson at the RV Park in eastern Alabama rented me a great little room to wait out the storms and the porch in front of his campground office is outstanding (one of the best I’ve encountered so far in my 2,300 mile journey). It was great talking with you Anson and I wish you the best!

Sonny, my neighbor in Arkansas campground took me for an awesome ride going 40 miles per hour down a gorgeous winding river in his fishing boat. Had such a fun time talking with Sonny.

Nate Williamson in Birmingham, Alabama… You rock!!! I had such an awesome time when you gave me that bicycle tour of Birmingham!

Paolo Camero! Loved talking with you and your wife at your fabulous restaurant “FIVE” in Birmingham.

Montez Parker II – Thanks so much for flying down to Birmingham, Alabama for the weekend. It was so cool to tour Birmingham’s civil rights museum (especially meeting that 80+ year old gentleman who had seen Martin Luther King, Jr. speak) and it was fun to explore the city with you.

That is but a fraction of the friendly folks I’ve met on this bicycle journey across America. Thank you to everyone along the way who has been so kind. Y’all have restored my faith in America. 🙂

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