Just wanted to say thanks again to Ken Bauer of Plano, Texas who came up to ride out of Sherman with me. He cooked an amazing stew, recommended some great books and connected me with kind folks who welcomed me 45 miles west of Sherman, TX in Wichita Falls (Ryan & Becky Raeke) and, as a result, those folks in Wichita Falls connected me with other kind folks who welcomed me in Vernon, Texas (Monica Wilkinson, Brett McCormick and Scott Herber).

If it hadn’t been for Ken Bauer posting on message boards, I never would have had such a warm reception in Wichita Falls or Vernon. I’m so grateful to Ken for going out of his way. He contacted me out of the blue when he learned about my ride and offered to drive up from near Dallas and ride with me.

I didn’t realize it until later, but Ken is an accomplished cyclist who came in 5th in the Hotter than Hell 100 and was, at one time, ranked in the top 100 cyclists in the nation in his age group.

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