I just want to thank Reggie Price of NEW MEXICO for his generous donation to Bell (the family homeless shelter in my hometown of York, PA) via this coast to coast bicycle ride fundraiser.

Prior to retirement from the Air Force at the rank of Master Sergeant, Pastor Price served in locations as Japan, South Korea, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, and Afghanistan, as well as various locations within the United States.

Pastor Price was selected as the 2006 Chaplain Assistant of the Year in the Air National Guard, acknowledging him as one of the elite religious professionals in our nations Air Force.

An advocate for veterans and seniors, he makes time to assist them and their families, and is a member of Disabled American Veterans, The American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars.

Reggie currently serves his community in New Mexico in many ways and is the pastor of his church.

If you’d like to donate to Bell Socialization which runs the family homeless shelter in my hometown of York, PA, please visit https://gofund.me/55b78754 . Your donation is tax deductible and goes straight from GoFundMe to Bell.

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