This “Pad Thai with Chicken” freeze dried meal by Backpacker’s Pantry is so delicious. Their Beef Stroganoff with egg noodles and porcini mushrooms in a traditional sour cream sauce is awesome too. The Mountain House freeze dried meals are tasty too. All of these are fairly nutritious. I mostly eat these freeze dried meals and they really do give you good fuel. I notice a huge difference in the amount of energy I have for riding on days I cheat and eat a burger or pizza. I know I’m slow to the party, but I’m finally discovering on this trip that food is literally fuel and which fuel you use has a real world impact.

Eating a healthy meal with great nutrients / vitamins / etc. really powers my ride! 🚴🏼‍♂️

It was a great day here in Alabama. Spoke at length with three kind folks out here in the middle of nowhere (3 separate incredible conversations — the kind that really make an impression on you and you remember for years). One was a 65 year old retiree (an Alabama native with a thick accent) who was just passing by slowly in a 1976 Ford pickup and spoke of the history & future of America.

The second was a 62 year old pipeline worker who, as a young man, worked incredibly tough jobs in the oil fields in Texas. (He rang up his friend in Pennsylvania on his cell phone just so he could introduce me to him).

The third was a 34 year old man who owns this campground with his wife. They were incredibly kind. He just dropped off dinner for me: a delicious New York strip steak that he pan fried in butter, garlic and pepper and a baked potato with butter and cheese. Best meal I’ve had in a while.

Folks all along on this journey have been so kind, but so far, the people I’ve met in Alabama take the cake.