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I’ve already traveled 3,055 miles on this coast to coast bicycle ride.

Each state has presented challenges. In Virginia it was the hills. (If I had to ride 40 miles, that meant 40 hills). In Alabama, Mississippi and Arkansas, it was the mosquitos biting me and loose dogs chasing me (sometimes pretty big & vicious looking and sometimes in packs). In Texas, it was the thunderstorms, rattlesnakes and other hazards on that Texas list many of you saw.

In the southwest, the challenge is the heat. But there are ways to manage those challenges and there’s always a plan B if I can’t.

Above are the temperatures for my five hour ride tomorrow. I’m starting out well before sunrise so it actually should be pretty comfortable and should be finished by 11 am. And if it gets too hot at some point and I’m not feeling up to the challenge, I’m not too proud to use plan “B” and hitch a ride in a pickup truck. There are plenty of vehicles on these roads.

Safety first. I always err on the side of caution. I always talk to locals about the route and the weather. Lots of hydration BEFORE the ride. A dozen water bottles on my bike, drinking often, using electrolyte mix and starting riding before sunrise. The afternoon is when the temps really get high.

I am not riding for anyone but myself and feel no pressure. I’ll be extra safe no matter what it takes. Even if it means hitching a ride (that’s plan “B”). The chances of needing to do that though are low since I’m finishing my ride by 11 am and the temps are quite manageable during the morning hours.

If at some point I find myself too hot, I can always use plan “B”.


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