Thanks so much Pam & Joe for an awesome evening in historic Messila, New Mexico and thanks for treating me to a great meal. The food and atmosphere at La Posta de Mesilla were fantastic.

So cool that the restaurant was once a bunkhouse and stable for travelers, having been frequented by the likes of Billy The Kid, Pat Garrett, Pancho Villa and many more personalities of the Wild West.

And it was fascinating to see the courthouse across the street where Billy the Kid was tried and sentenced. (Pretty wild that he was then extradited to to Lincoln, NM and later escaped).

The little town square with the Basilica was beautiful.

It was all a real experience and I enjoyed talking with the two of you. šŸ˜ŠšŸŒµšŸŒ  #COASTtoCOASTbicycleride

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