Tomorrow is my big 67 mile ride across a very baron landscape near White Sands (which you can see shimmering in the distance here looking like a sea). I learned from a local here in Alamogordo, NM that there is a laser test facility called Helstf – military installation – which will provide water during my big 67 mile ride tomorrow if I ride up to the guard shack and ask nicely.

From Alamogordo, it’s 25 miles to White Sands visitors center and I can refill my water containers. Then another 10 miles to Helstf laser test facility where I can refill again for the last time that day. Then another 8 miles to base of hill, then a 5 mile climb up through mountain pass, then another 19 miles from the top down. So, thanks to that new info about laser test facility having a spigot outside the guard shack, I’ll only need to go about 32 miles without water (instead of 40).

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