Today is a rest day. I rode a half mile up the road to a spot where I could look out over my route for tomorrow and analyze visually with map in hand. I’m riding from Alamagordo, NM through White Sands missile base, over a small mountain range and into Las Cruces, NM.

THE DAY WILL LOOK LIKE THIS ON THIS CHALLENGING 67 mile ride: I ride 6 miles out into military base, wait an hour at flashing lights if there are any missiles being fired, then ride about 21 miles or so and stop at visitors center to fill up again with water. Then I’ll ride 40 miles with no water stops. I’ll be in the middle of nowhere during those 40 miles, but fortunately plenty of cars will be passing regularly (so there’s that safety factor if I wear out and can’t make it). About 18 miles before the finish of this 67 mile day, I will need to pedal 12 miles uphill over a mountain pass. Then will ride down into Las Cruces. (That’s where I join up with the established “Southern Tier” bicycle route and head west towards San Diego).

Looks like a 10 – 15 mile an hour headwind most of the way at the beginning tomorrow, but wind could calm down later in the day. Hi temp is supposed to be around 98. The dry heat is definitely way more bearable than back east, but the need to stay hydrated certainly remains. I’ll be carrying lots and lots and lots of water and will be drinking regularly. ☀️🌵🚴🏼‍♂️

Also planning to leave before sunrise to avoid a bit of the heat. As one seasoned rider put it to me, every minute you leave before sunrise when it’s 80 degrees is a minute you aren’t out in the blazing afternoon sun.

I’m going to play it safe. If I find myself 30 miles out in the heat and feel like I can’t make it, I certainly won’t be too proud to catch a ride.

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