Here’s a quick update on my bicycle journey and the new route I’ll be taking:

I’ve completed 2,328 miles through 11 states so far. About 1,672 miles to go through 4 remaining states on this 4,000 mile journey down the east coast and across the country. Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California remain. I’m about halfway across Texas now.

I’ve decided to take a route that is a little longer but will actually be faster because it does a better job avoiding mountains. I’ll be in Lubbock, Texas in the next 4 days or so. Then heading southwest towards Las Cruces, New Mexico to join up with “The Southern Tier Bicycle Route.” It’s an established route that has been taken by thousands of cyclists and is the best way for me to reach Los Angeles. There’s lots of info on that route from cyclists who have taken it before. That gives me a good feeling knowing that thousands of others have taken this same route.

Please see link at the bottom of this message with some of the info from that route I’ll be picking up when I reach Las Cruces, NM. I think you might find it interesting.

At top of this post are the two maps that show the part of the route I’ll be taking. (It goes all the way across America, but I’m just taking the western portion from Texas to California).

Here’s an excerpt from the general description. (In the description, they are speaking about going west to east):

“After climbing east from San Diego and topping out at 3,890 feet at the Tecate Divide, you’ll enter desert country. The route travels through the Yuha Desert and the below-sea-level, irrigated Imperial Valley, before splitting the Algodones Dunes Wilderness Area in half. In Arizona, snowbirds abound as the route travels through Phoenix and its surrounding communities. The Besh Ba Gowah Archeological Park in Globe, though off route, is very interesting. You’ll be riding through dry, sparsely populated ranch country where every town will be a welcome sight. Don’t pass up the chance to top off your water bottles. New Mexico offers Silver City for the latte drinkers, along with the Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument (on the Gila Cliff Dwellings Alternate), which are some of the best preserved Mogollon cliff dwellings around.

The ride along the Rio Grande into El Paso, Texas, is a treat for bird lovers, especially during migration season, when birds are flying north or south. Texas dominates this route, taking up an entire third of the mileage.

……wide variety of terrain, vegetation, climate, and people all the way across the nation…. The route is rich in human culture and history — ranging from the Spanish and Mexican influences in California, to the ancient indigenous pueblo cultures in Arizona and New Mexico, to the imprint of the Spanish conquistadors in Texas….

Here’s the link for more info.

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