I just wanted to say thanks to the wonderful folks in Wichita Falls who treated me with such kindness during my stay there.

The Raeke family is just splendid (all 3 generations) and they were so cool to put me up at their art gallery in their room they use for visiting artists. Had a great meal and a beer with the Raeke’s at local brew pub. They also connected me with some fantastic people in Vernon, Texas.

Thanks also to the team at THE DUCK coffee & crepe shop. Your food is delicious and it was so cool to be at the starting point of the “Hotter than Hell” bicycle 10,000 person bicycle race.

Can’t say enough good things about Wichita Falls. It is quite a cycling town with bike paths and group rides every day of the week. Ryan Raeke is an accomplished cyclists and has ridden the Hotter than Hell 100!

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