🚴🏼‍♂️ I was once used to seeing the country from 30,000 feet and know how easy it is to overlook “flyover” parts of the country. It’s amazing how many cool people you meet, animals you encounter, experiences you have and sights you see when you’re traveling on the ground at 10 miles per hour on a bicycle. You really take America in with all of your senses and it becomes very real.

I just looked at this photo on the web of Texas from a jet and realized that I’ve started looking at the country in 30 – 70 mile segments. And forgot how darn big it all looks from a jet. I’m down here on the ground now pedaling across flyover country and I feel very fortunate. Texas has wide open spaces, big puffy clouds, interesting wildlife, clean air and friendly people. This trip has restored my faith in America. I’ve traveled 2,100 miles so far and everyone’s been so kind.

Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California can look pretty huge to ride through when you’re at 30,000 feet, but I’m finding that, if you divide it into segments and plan well for the next campground or campsite and have adequate food and other supplies, this trip is more doable than some might think.


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