Today a man from Ireland recommended a great bike shop in old downtown Texarkana, Texas. And the owner of the bike shop, after making some repairs to my bike, recommended a very unique hostel 45 miles west of Texarkana. I’m staying in the back of a volunteer fire company. They built a little room on the back for people bicycling through on the “NETT” trail.

I cannot BEGIN to tell you what a welcome sight this little room was. Safe, secure, clean, cozy. Beautiful. All natural wood. Has a bath with shower. I’m not sure anyone needs more than this. Henry David Thoreau and just about any cyclist on tour would find this a dream space. Wish there was one of these at the end of every long day. This is a great thing they did here. ☺️

PS – They don’t charge for it. They just ask you to consider a donation.

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