✴️ 11 STATS ⤵️ re solo COAST to COAST bicycle ride (from Stone Harbor, NJ to Los Angeles, CA). I’m making this 🚴🏼‍♂️ journey to raise $ for Bell Socialization (which runs York County PA’s family homeless shelter):

🔹 Total miles I’ll be traveling down the east coast & across America: 3,600

🔹 Miles traveled so far (winding route New Jersey coast to middle of Mississippi): 1,686

🔹 Miles to go (Mississippi to Los Angeles, CA): 1,914

🔹 # of states traveled through so far: 10

🔹 # of states to go: 6

🔹 Vertical feet climbed so far: 26,562

🔹 Vertical feet left to climb: 38,642

🔹 Amount of fun had so far: ♾

🔹 Adventures ahead: Many 😎

🔹 # of families turned away from Bell Family Shelter every year due to lack of space: 700. (Many of those families have children and some families end up sleeping in their cars)

🔹 Dollars raised for Bell so far via this solo coast to coast bicycle ride: $15,999

🟢 Link if you would like to donate to Bell Socialization which runs York County PA’s family homeless shelter (All donations go straight from GoFundMe to Bell and are tax deductible): https://gofund.me/55b78754

* Website for this journey for photos, stories, drone videos, social media links, GoFundMe donation link for Bell and much more: http://www.thisclearbluesky.com

* My email address: billswartz@mac.com

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