✴️ Great campground. The trains going by take me back to my childhood along the Susquehanna. This campground is in the middle of nowhere and is beautiful. The area is called “Chunky” (settler’s mispronunciation of Native American name) and it has a population of about 500.

This morning I met the campground owners (such a kind couple). He showed me the history of this area in a mini museum he had created (including Chocktaw Native American history). His great great grandfather was the first mayor and the first school superintendent in Chunky.

Later in the afternoon, one of the other campers (there are only three of us in this whole place) invited me to a cookout along the river with about 20 of his friends and family. It was a birthday party for his 16 year old son. Delicious burgers, hot dogs and sausage on the grill and his friends and family were so kind. They are donating to Bell Socialization in York, PA. Heard lots of great stories. Good good people. It was a very heartening evening.

I’m sleeping like a rock in this “flat lay” hammock. So comfortable.

Looks like 3 days of good weather ahead. Instead of being stuck here waiting for a new rack to be shipped due, tomorrow I’m riding. 😊 Heading in the direction of state park.

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