Woke up due to thunder & heavy rains here in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. 2 1/2 inches of rain predicted overnight. I’m glad I am keeping closing eye on weather at all times via multiple sources. It was a good decision earlier in the afternoon to make tonight a cheap hotel night (micro room in a solid building) instead of staying in campground. Tomorrow afternoon the storms will have passed, the sun will peak out and it will be good riding. Erring on the side of caution and planning ahead for inexpensive hotel rooms whenever storms are predicted. This also allows me to ride next day without having to dry everything out. 🙂

♦️ Always playing it safe and not taking any chances when it comes to taking shelter indoors in solid structures whenever there’s a chance of bad weather. If there’s any question, I just take shelter. Safety first.

Storms will have passed by late Saturday morning & the afternoon looks good for riding with the sun peaking back out 🌅.

And Sunday & Monday looking good.

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