Sometimes a person lucks out on timing. In this case, I sure did. I flew north to my home state to get my covid shots (my # was up & you have to get them in your home state). So I am fortunately up north at the moment and, as luck would have it, I’m missing the deep freeze and winter weather down south. With my timing for the shots (3 weeks between the first and second shots as required), the winter weather down south will likely be gone by the time I fly back down to Georgia. I have my bike and gear stored in a safe dry spot down in Georgia. I look forward to continuing my journey west from western Georgia as soon as I have my second covid shot up here.

Next big destination is Birmingham, Alabama. Then on towards Dallas, Texas and then heading towards Los Angeles, CA. I have traveled over 1,100 miles so far (through 8 states) and have around 2,500 miles to go (7 states).

All the best to everyone wherever you are. 🙂

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