Yesterday I road 35 miles through some small mountains on my first day of riding in Georgia. I’m in the tail end of the Appalachian mountains.

Images above show some perspective on my bicycle ride for Bell Socialization so far from Stone Harbor, NJ to Georgia. They also show a glimpse at the road ahead to Los Angeles. I’m riding through my 9th state right now. 7 more states to go after Georgia.

If you’d like to donate to Bell and help them help people in need (including those who are homeless), pls click the link below.

Your donation goes straight from GoFundMe to Bell same day and is tax deductible.



Note: I was originally going to head due west starting in Roanoke, Virginia, but I decided to head further south to Atlanta area first so that my nights in my tent as I head west will be warmer. 🙂

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