Believe it or not, I’m cozy and warm here inside my tent on this cold morning. I use 2 puffy warm down sleeping bags and have a tent with two walls between me and the outside which keeps away that night time dew. I also use a ground cover below the tent and a foil emergency blanket beneath me in the tent to give an added layer against the ground and reflect my body heat. On top of that I’m sleeping on a light-weight insulated inflatable sleeping pad (three inches thick so comfortable even for side sleepers). As a result of this “system” I’m warm as toast here even those it’s 31 degrees, weather channel says it feels like 27 and I’m technically sleeping on the ground). It really is amazing how technology has evolved. I actually got a little too warm last night and took off a layer of clothing. Check out this short clip. They really put a lot of thought into this and it works!!! Plus a lifetime warranty.

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