I’m not good at this yet. But I’m getting better at it. More big hills ahead. But my legs and spirit are feeling strong. And I’m pacing myself.

It’s interesting to see those massive climbs in the distance as you approach. You sort of have a little conversation with them as you pedal towards them. 😏 🌄🏞🚴🏼‍♂️🚵‍♂️

90% of going across these mountains is shear will. The other 10% (comprised of physical conditioning, yoga, healthy eating, hydration, 8 solid hours sleep, careful navigation, keeping gear load light, good music & good luck) is all super important. But I’m learning that this is mostly about sheer bull headed tenacity.

That said, the other thing that helps is I listen to my body and rest a lot. Sometime I rest 6 or 8 times going up one of the really really long hills. Even just a minute or two pausing resets you. I know folks at home are saying be careful and rest a lot and don’t push too hard. And I’d be saying the same thing if a friend of mine were doing this. But, just so you know, if you saw how often I rested on the hills, you’d laugh and worry less. Because I’m really being careful to listen to my body and I pause a LOT.

Onward & upward!



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