Thanks so much to the good folks at Maverick Bikes & Cafe:

Y’all totally rock. I really appreciated your great service and advice. You just made my #COASTtoCOASTbicycleride even better. The front panniers and rack are just what I needed to get my bike balanced front to rear and keep weight lower. It really handles a lot better (which also improves safety). The new tires are excellent for both road and gravel (fewer slow leaks and flats which I’ve been struggling with of late). And the spare front and rear lights will make me extra visible on the road all day long on those heavy mileage days. Also, the tune up you did really has my bike purring.

Thank you so much Doug, Justin and the whole team. Yours is the best bike shop I’ve encountered so far on this trip.


Bill Swartz

PS – Thanks for the waffles!

Maverick Bikes and Cafe link below. If you’re ever in Leesburg, Virginia. This is the place to bring your bike.

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