In addition to my trusty Trek Verve 2 bicycle (with many safety features including disc brakes), I also have brought some items that I find essential. Waterproof panniers, camp stove and small pot to boil water, inflatable sleeping pad, 2 person tent (which is really a one person tent) and lightweight camp chair. That chair is my 2nd favorite item. It weighs less than a pound, is only 12” by 3 inches when packed and it’s super comfortable. You never know how much you enjoy sitting in a chair cooking until you sit on the ground cooking after a long bike ride. My favorite item is the lightweight inflatable sleeping pad. Folds small, but it’s 3 inches thick when inflated and I sleep like a baby on it. #COASTtoCOASTbicycleride – PS – Campground heard about my trip for charity and gave me the site for free last night. Once I get west of the Mississippi, I will be able to use app to find a plethora of FREE camping spots on BLM land. So, in some ways, things get way easier (and even less expensive) once I cross the Mississippi. πŸ™‚


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