It’s a beautiful day out here riding. Lovely breeze. The bike feels good and so do my legs. Enjoyed a great lunch of chicken and dumplings (mountain house freeze dried food rocks and is pretty energizing and nutritious). Fun fact of the day: Some of you have asked if that’s a fire extinguisher on my bike. It’s actually grizzly bear pepper spray… which will supposedly turn a way a ten foot grizzly bear from thirty feet away. I’m not expecting to need it for ornery bears (or humans), but probably not a bad idea to have in an abundance of caution. #staysafe #COASTtoCOASTbicycleride — PS – Yes, that’s Gatorade frost powder in my water in smaller bottles. (Front larger bottles are plain water). I’m open to suggestions on affordable powder to add some flavor and natural electrolytes etc. for good hydration. Definitely needs to be a powder for carrying weight purposes. It’s nice to have some flavor.

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